There are many supporters of an anarchistic form of society. The reasons for this I have never personally understood myself. It surely could not under any possible circumstance in its configuration be a solution which is practical and workable for a happy and progressive society.
My personal idea of an ideal go format of governmental body would be to be inclusive in the diversities which exist between people. I am saying that the practical government body would be made up of persons of all different walks of life, different levels of 'achieved' education and the substance which gives their lives purpose, joy, and fulfillment. The thing which they most enjoy doing, in the context of a means of one's professsion or specialisation. I mean to say that to be capable of forming a civic policy and definition of law, it would much greater serve the best interests of the people who it concerns if the body of 'government' were to be composed of individuals of markedly diverse backgrounds and lifestyles and everything which is going along with that.
I mean to say that the body of 'government' which I place in between apotrophes because it is entitrely disparate of a system to the contemporary world's "government". It will, once the people have been healed to regain their sense of humanity (which is a condition forming a majority in 'modern' times, this is plain to see, to me at-least.) It is that people - if you imagine - behave on a high le
Write out the ideal form of a governing body for a civilisation to live practically and in harmony. Place a form for people to register their interest in the poltical party. "Don't steal, the government hates competition."

The government is really the "government" and is kill.